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Da PERFECT Mr n Ms NOBODY : Nobody's perfect~!

I’m thinkin’ of planning some fruitful n fun outings foe Minmin, Sarah n Iera.Goin’ to parks, da zoo, on a lakeside picnic are da options given.Sarah n Iera sgt teruja to walk thru Zoo Negara :) tp Minmin said ‘klu nk g zoo kene tggu abg wan..abg wan x balik2 pon.kite g tmn mainan nk?’ :) Sumtimes it’s hard foe me to decide.It’s difficult to satisfy da demand of many ppl ryte? Sumtimes I do feel lyke my bF is incapable of fulfilling my desire ahaks~! Tp x larr I blah, cheat on him n find otha man kn lyke otha gurls/boys do.Personally, I do really think diz type of gF/bF sgt tamak.Yupss he’s not perfect but he’s a wonderful man n dat’s y I luv him so much:) Well, nobody is perfect.Let’s not get disappointed~! Since everybody has their own weaknesses n strengths, y dun we complete each otha? Think wif ur mind n not ur peanuts heh~! Jgn ikut kata hati keyhh.Ikut hati mati.Ikut nfsu...ermm lesu I guess ahaha :D so ples boyfee/gurlfee do appreciate ur spouse keyhh.Yeahh sumtimes we neva knoe wut we’ve got till it’s gone ryte? Tp xkn nk tnggu hilang bru nk nyesal :)

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