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Missin' my past~!
Last nyte, my dad told my opah dat he will go over to Tok Anjang, Tok Ngah, Tok Chik n Tok Usu’s ouse to send out da invitations.Trus menyampuk, ’Na nak ikut bley x Pa? Papa g nek moto ke kete?’ Yeahh I knoe, once da conversation gets goin’, don’t interrupt tp it’s juz came out from my mouth :) My dad dun mind n he said dat it’s gud coz I pon haven’t met them foe a long tyme.10-11 years I guess.I juz feel da need to reconnect wif old relatives.Yet much more importantly, I miss them so much heuuu~! Waking up early is neva a favourite thing to do tp ari ni I wake up early in da morning :) bangga~! Take a shower, put on pape yg ptut at reasonable place :D, then apply my new skills : how to put on make up in 5 minutes :D n ready to gO!!

Nahhh most of them did not recognize me tp still they bley cam my eyes.Ptut larr ade org kata eyes are da most expressive part of our body :) 25 years ago they ever wondered who diz baby resembles more : papa or mama? Now, they found out dat I was look alike my mama :) Mostly ckp we especially look so much alike when I’m smiling.’She has Lela’s eyes.She has Lela’s smile.She looks juz like arwah~!’ Touching.I hug them tightly n we start to cry :’( Then Tok Chik called her son, Abg Jeff n said ‘Ya Allah, Abg An dtg ngn Nina m’jemput.Nina dah besar Jeff.Cantik sgttt~!’ It makes me hug Tok Chik extra tightly ahaha :D Then, bila nk balik I promise to them I will visit them more often pasni.Janji :) Pnat sgttt tp best gilerr ari neh :)

p/s : This is where I runaway from all tense n chaos.This is where I express my feels n share my stories.Some may be tempting, some may be sickening.Nuthin special.Tp today’s entry sgt special :) Owhh yaa to papa (Johan Mat Rashid), arwah mama (Wan Dalila Omar) n Allah S.W.T, thanx atas kurniaan mata ini :)

12.06 p.m : I’m havin’ prosperity burger and McD fried chicken foe my supper nyumm nyumm :)

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