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my busy dayy heuuu~!
1st let me say a big pheww~! Dec 10 - Thursday : my family n I was bz preparing foe a big occasion on diz becomin’ 3rd Jan; my brother’s wedding :) I got da floors cleaned and played with Minmin foe a bit bfoe heading to Pengantin Gallery owned by Kak Nya n her husbnd Abg Mus (my relatives gakk).Main purpose is to discuss bout wedding reception table decoration.I was njoy lookin’ at da wedding dress (it is ridiculously fabulous~!)

Diz dress is so delicate n feminine :)

Diz dress does not disappoint either...

Suddenly, two little girls come to me; one is eight n da other is five.Da sister talks a lot, but da lttle one juz smiling.Cute glerr bdak nehh~! I’m sure dat she will grow up to be a very pretty lady nnt :)

Davina n Sophea

It’s a quarter to 6 so kitorg g mkn dlu at Ibrahim Maju’s restaurant.There’s a huge variety of diff kinds of bread dat is served here tp da most delicious appetizer dat my family n I was really njoy is Roti Naan.Sdappp!! :)

sekian hee~

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