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play safe :)
‘Eyy no larr she’s nuthin to me.U’re my priority.We neva end up to bed.Die stok geli-geli jerr.’
All these excuses mmg slalu dpt d’dengari if a man kantoi ade gurl len.To his ‘geli-geli new partner’, he twisted the story.
’Sampai mati I won’t take her as my gF/wife bcoz she already humiliated me as man.Plus, my love foe u is much deeper syg.’
See, they juz play safe.When he came back to his gF/wife, 'I still love u and ples dear give me a chance to be a gud bF, hsband etc’. Play safe.Again.Mayb sbb dorg were trained to coordinate all work in a manner that will be da 'most safest' juz like wearing a condom to eliminate da risk of unprotected intimacy :) Nahhh I’m not saying dat all men camtu coz my dad is excluded.He’s very loyal, responsible n sgt tolerate. Heuuu if diz sort of things happen to me (nauzubillah), wut can I do is to pray :

'Ya Allah, if he’s still not change, ples show me any sign. Twist my heart everytyme I melted.'
So dat I cud be stronger than yesterday and let him go.Me? I’ll walk away with pride and lead my new life :)

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