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.beautiful blogger award. apakah?

.foe those who have no clue wut this is, it's an award foe beautiful blogger.
.given by cik husna one of my besties :))
.tengs a lot babe! luv to read urs too :))
.since blog has become extremely popular on9 diary, i create one.
.i use my blog to express my ideas, feelings n thoughts.
.this is where i can be happy, sad, angry, hopeful, helpless, scared :))
.no limitations.
.well, it's better than repress ur feelings in an unhealthy manner.ryte?.
.it is also where i share my discoveries like a new site, new blog shop etc.
.that's y i dun give a damn if i dun have da biggest number of followers :))
.but now i was quite bz foe my work n no tyme to update here.
.tp still i've spend some tyme to read someone's blog.
.especially my very favourite blog.
.listed di sebelah kiri ini.
.nampak tak?.
.uhhh x nampak.
.now nampak x?.
.hee nyte.

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