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happy bday m.s.a.s (:
.it has been a while since my last post.
.was so bz with school work, teacher's day celebration.
.got lots of gift from pupils, i'll upload da pictures later :)).
.foe da whole week, i was also bz surfing, looking foe da best gift foe my fiancee.
.each tyme i open my lappy, i'll connect to internet, open yahoo site.
.start typing 'nike tennis shoes for men'.
.ahaaa it's worth okeyy sbb i ley compare which one is better hee.
.foe me whether we've been dating foe four months or four years, he deserves to hve a wonderful present from me whenever he celebrates his bday.
.bcos to me he was so goOood n wonderful.
.there's no one could replace him in my heart.
.ouhh yeahh sumtymes he hurts me n make me cry.
.but still i dun ever wanna lose him.
.foe his 24th bday, i gave him.
jeng jeng jeng..........
*chocolate indulgence cake nyummm*


.he'd fallen out of love with tennis.
.he eats, sleeps and dreams tennis most every day :))
.plus he got tennis tournament this weekend.

.and this.
.my heart.
.everlasting love.

.yeahh i knoe entry kali ni agak jiwang.
.tp who's care, hati tgh b'bunga riang neh haha.
.x percaya?.
.sila lihat pic di bawah.
.kami suda b'damai okeyy haha.
.ini bukan da latest pic actually.
.ini pic sebulan yg lalu tyme tgk teater hee.
.happy birthday once again.

p/s : sgt pnat ouhh.penyelaras pusat sumber, penyelaras LINUS, penyelaras Tahun 1,
setiausaha PBSM.33 periods per week.sape kate keje ckgu snang?

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