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contest mata menawan
a friend of mine, miss husnanerra yg kini sdang hangat d'lamun cinta hikss, just tagged me foe contest mata menawan yg d'organize oleh fatencumyl.
err menawan kerr? pape pon sy b'syukur ngn kurniaanNya. ((:
to papa n arwah mama : sbb...i must be a mixture of them kn hikss.
if u ask who did i inherit my eyes from?
my late mum i guess.
bcos mostly, my mum's frens n relatives ckp 'She has Dalila’s eyes.She looks juz like arwah.' ouhh i miss herrr.
this was my first tyme join contest cmni, photo contest pulaa tuh.
so miss husnanerra u shud be proud keyhh sbb u i join this contest n this entry was posted *clap clap hikss~
so here's my photo.

just browse a few pictures.
yet i realize, sy byk b'gambar b'dua, b'tiga n beramai2 hikss.
not many choices so i pick this pic randomly c(:

  • this picture was taken in late October 2009.
  • yesss i wear my contact lenses : amethyst but this is not type of lens that make ur eyes look bigger. :))
  • there is no trick to make my eyes look bigger in this photo.
  • no photo editing at all.
  • err teknik pencahayaan mayb c(:

i am tagging sabby n sarah.
yesss, u've been tagged c(:

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