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i'm still frustrated from last nyte
last nyte we had a fight, but it turned into a really gud conversation
him : cube bgtao apsal? huhh!
me : malas nk gado ouhh!
him : xnk gado but then bg msg yg bbkn gakk!
me : dh stop kn? dat's y larr i called!
him : ermm...
me : *silence is better than words
him : nak wat RPH!
me : k! (i think this is da most brutal answer)
turn da loudspeaker ON.
he's doing his lesson plan.
me? fall asleep!
sedar2 dah pagi.
last call duration 2:04:00 (a maximum call duration per call)
dat's y i said we had a big fight at first
but then it turned into a gud thing sbb sy ttdo c(:
yeahhh undoubtedly u're da main reason y i'm sad last nyte
btol larr org kate 'da ones that u love da most are usually da ones that hurt u da most'

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