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mood : blur

situasi 1

Emergency leave on Monday.
So yesterday was the first workin’ day afta 2 weeks school holiday.
As usual, stop at Shell petrol station nearby.
Petronas is the nearest petrol station from my ouse.
But i’ll still go to Shell.
Bkn sbb the pump attendants were younger and handsome okeyhh. ((:
Tp sbb they will fill ur car without u havin’ to lift a finger.
So snang bagi org yg malas cam saya hikss~
It was 12 noon so x larr rmai sgt org.
And all the workers cam relax.
Penuh yeaa!’, i said.
Then one of them fill in the petrol.
Another two workers help me to cuci-cuci the mirror.
Pdhal i’ve just washed my car that morning.
Alahhh nyesal plakk, klu tao tak pyh cuci kete ahaks~
Afta pay foe the petrol, then one of them said ‘alahh, Liverpool larr best awk
I cam ‘errrr..' apakah? *smiling (monolog : wuteva larr.i was late!)
Bila nak blah, another worker said ‘Sokong Liverpool tao wakk!
I was smiling and blah! Dlm hati ‘Pape larr org tgh demam World Cup, dorang sbuk ngn club laks! Arghh wuteva larr, sy support Perak shj! haha i’m not into football but i do watch the World Cup every four years okeyhh' ((:
Bile dlm kereta, i noticed ada sticker MU kat cermin.Heh patut larr! Blur blur pdhal the sticker was there almost three n half years.hikss~

situasi 2
just afta the school, my cousins and i go to psr mlm.
i buy KL fried chicken which is deliciously crispy at 'makcik biasa'.
then abg burger d'seblah b'kata 'hyee ckgu meh larr bli 1 free 1'
i was surprised, not bcoz of his tawaran buy 1 free 1.
He called me cikgu.
Mne plaks die tao nehh *musykil.
As usual smile n blah ((:
'Ouhh mayb he's one of achik's fren' : monolog lagik!

Bila smpai d'rumah, take my clothes, tudung off.
Then i realized, ada name tag.
Heh ptut larr. c(:

So the conclusion is Tuesday was my 'blurr' day ((:

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