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heart both of them!
It has been a while since my last entry.
Jgn pk sy menghilangkn diri krn bz with my wedding’s prep.
Mmg x b’gerak lgsg okeyhh!
I’m a bit busy with work n juggling a lot of stuffs that come my way at a very last min.
Ouhhh sgt pnat!

Eyy tp there’s a little update bout my nikah n reception shoes ((:
Hunting foe nikah shoes at Timesquare.
Everything i saw i hated.
Honestly, i’m not happy with my nikah shoe.
It does not met my expectation.
Tp afta trying few times, ‘eyhh cam sweet juga!*perasan
It was actually a very simple shoe.
Not too bling bling.
And the best part it was 10% discount.
Ok larr ade gakk discount ryte? ((:
So presenting my nikah shoe….tadaaa!

Like i said, sgt simple!
No beads, not lacey!
It was definitely not a love at first sight.
Tp later ‘woahhhh not bad!
For me less is more ((:
*sedapkan ati ahakss!

Now presenting my reception shoe.
*drum roll

I love this shoe sooo much!
Found this at Subang Parade.
As usual, i will go foe a stuff that offering a discount haha!
Cheapskate of me!
But i love the shoe.

as conclusion i heart both of my shoes :D

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