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my diy gable box
finally sy decide to diy gable box foe vip guest.ouhh kids only okeyhh! (: i need bout 30 boxes only.the quantity is too small ayte? so after congak2 i think it will cost me RM 1 or more each if i bought them from paper box manufacturer (maaf klu info salah) plus i would lyke to use red as the colours.mostly sy jmpe white in colour malas b’soal jwb, sy melangkah kaki ker mydin to find these thingy :

220 gm A4 paper red in colour
double sided tape

i got the template already so just print , cut, assemble n decorate as desired.semudah itu? ouhhh tak begitu mudah.ayah sy yg sedang m’basuh kereta sebaik shj sy memulakan projek diy masuk ke rumah utk mengambil vakum dan berkata ‘ehh dah 5 boxes.senang jerr buat benda ni!’ (sambil memegang diy gable box sy)jari sy yg sakit akibat cutting paper tiada siapa yg tahu ): i kept my decoration simple jerk (: tie it up with ribbon then put my diy tq tag.the costs foe one box is around 60 sen not including the tag.ok laa ryte? :D (menyedapkn hati) i put chocolate wafer sticks, swiss roll and some sweets inside.hope my gable box can put a smile on kiddo’s face! (:

presenting my gable box yg tidak seberapa (:





done one thing ouhh lega! next entry akan sy cerita bout my nikah favour ok (:

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