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Alhamdulillah manage to get Anna Ismail foe my reception (:
From wut i see at other brides, her make up was natural yet beautiful.
Just as how i want my make up to be.
Heavy eye make up but nude lipstick and blusher.
A very natural nude look (:
And foe my solemnization, kak nya (my pelamin maker) recommended her bridal MUA.
Truth be told i’m kinda skeptic when it comes to bridal make up.
Sbb from wut i’ve seen, mostly suka letak blusher and lipstick kaler terang.
Which is not suit to my natural make up preference.
But then afta i take a look at her portfolio not bad sesuai foe majlis nikah (:
And the most important thing she is a female.
No need to cover up during make up so i think it’s more comfy.
My personal view okeyh (:
And the best part bout Anna Ismail, she lives sumwhere in Selayang also (:
So dun hve to pay extra foe petrol etc (:

InsyaAllah will do a full review on the makeovers later (:

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