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my new bedroom set wohoo~!
just received a new bedroom set rabu yg lalu.
my room looks perfect since i've neva had a matching set of furniture bfoe this :D
i'd paint my room on tuesday.
at first i want to paint my room eggplant purple.
yerpp that colour matched well with my bedsheet colour.
tp jika sy tuka the bendsheet later on?
let say if i hve red colour of bedsheet.
does it goes well with purple coloured walls?
so utk langkah selamat, i pick ivory white (:
yerpp very common kn?
tp since i've bought some lovely wall stickers from d'curve street market.
i will use it to decorate my walls so it won't look plain n so boring (:

ouh yea i hve arrange all my clothes in my closet neatly.
tp with different colour of plastic hangers.
tape usai suda majlis, i will go n buy another sets of black plastic hanger.
so my clothes n his clothes are hung on the same colour hanger :D
next thing, need to buy some kind of storage shelving system
so that my closet look more organized.
i want my closet looks full but everything is easy to find (:
sbb sy pernah t'baca from One Minute Manager by Spencer Johnson
a great amount of tyme can be sucked up in ur quest to locate misplaced things (:

my new closet afta i gave few clothes to my cousins (:
i put my off-white caftan, socks n shawls in his closet
so he has only few spaces left ngee~

p/s : jika all of u notice i didn't put any things pd bhgn atas.sbb that spaces i left foe my fiancee sbb he's extremely tall so i think he can reach that part easily (haha itu tipu!).sy x sampai sbnarnyer ngee~

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