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OP foe my big day
Alhamdulillah awal-awal lagik suda book Jai a young photographer that i think has so much potential as my my official photog (: he’s my junior back in maktab.He’s also a sifu foe my fiancée once my fiancée gila menembak with his DSLR (cerita masa lalu yg tidak mahu sy kenang urghh) So we hire him foe majlis nikah and also reception at Selayang.Why i choose him? Bkn atas dasar member.It’s all based on the pictures that he takes.His works sgt marvelous! Everybody and everything looks more beautiful with his camera (: Plus the price that he quotes us sgt reasonable or maybe i can say it cheaper (: Just lyke another bride, i want him to capture pictures of moments during my wedding.My shoes, my henna, my pelamin, my favour, my dress, my veil, my handbouquet … everything in detail about my wedding and i knoe he was able to do that and captures the expressions on our faces insyaAllah (:
so here’s the contact

he captures dis picture.
see sy n tunang looks beautiful n so handsome with his camera ngee :D

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