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silence is better than 10 reasons (:
anotha story to share.5 years ago, i met a man during my foundation course.afta a couple of months, we become close frens and  he becomes my bF.afta two months in a relationship, i go to anotha college.he also goes to another college.he comes and see me every weekend, he texts me 24/ haruslah all of my frens get to know him.Allah Maha Adil so one day, i caught him texting nasty stuff with other girl and talking to her on the phone foe hours (: at the same tyme, i met sumone who always cheer me up.his down to earth nature and humbleness really amazed me (: (my fiancée wallaaa! love love) most of my frens thought that i was leaving my bF foe this new guy.since this guy had a bad reputation in his previous relationship, most of my frens asked me to stop go out with him and they’re trying hard utk menyatukan sy with that not-s0-loyal-man.afta few dramas, turun naik HEP, jmpe kaunselor etc i was able to get out from a bad relationship with that hanya mendiamkan diri pabila d’tanya punca permasalahan yg menyebabkn sy break off with that man.foe me SILENCE IS BETTER THAN 10 REASONS (: afta 2 and half years berlalu, he still texts me even though he has a gF who is pretty, soft spoken.antaranyafaz awk ni sombong lar.awk ni hot bley imagine awk pkai *** merah.kebetulan hs sy pd my housemate yg sdang membelek picture so secara tidak sengaja t’tekan button read (: she showed that msg dan sy jwb itu perkara biasa.ada yg lebih teruk my housemate replied his msgingat api neraka yg lagik hot berkali2 ganda dr *** merah awk tu.terus dia terdiam (: she’s one of my frens yg pnah mengecam sy krn pegi meninggalkan not-s0-loyal-man t’sebut.kini dia mengerti even sy x pnah ceritakn apa2 (: foe me, tak perlu dedahkn keburukan org len semata2 utk menampakkan kebaikan diri sendiri.pesanan utk diri sy juga! (:

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