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sy berdoa agar semuanya baik-baik sahaja! (:
this story has nuthin to do with my preparation as a bride to be (:

just want to share sumthin with all of u

1st incident
Location : Serendah
Time      : around 12.00 a.m

My fiancée is driving back alone to his house when he accidentally hit a motorcyclist.Not his fault actually bcos the rider of that motorcycle neva look right and left before make a right turn at the intersection plus he was speeding.He also must signals all his intentions isn’t it? The man fell to the ground afta he landed on my fiancee’s car and breaking the mirror.ouchh can’t imagine his condition pd masa scary! that man was riding with his two friends (both of them were riding two different bikes).while my fiancée call his friend to come and help, both of the riders carry that man and blah, tnggalkan motor d’ctu.Secara kebetulan, kereta polis yg sedang meronda berhenti and afta my fiancée story from A to Z, from 0 to 9, the polices check the bike yg ditinggalkan bersendirian d’ctu.ouhh my it was motor curik! uhh patut larr laju jerr dorg blah urghh! and hell yeahh segala kerosakan kereta costs us bout RM2K.alhamdulillah my fiancée is ok, tiada sebarang kecederaan (:
p/s : it’s unknown whether the rider was wearing a helmet bcoz i neva asked my fiancée dat question :D

2nd incident
Location : Bidor
Time      : 12.30 p.m

We’re heading to Tronoh to attend kenduri kawen of his fren when suddenly my car buat hal d’tgh jln.Luckily my fiancée sempat drove it to the left side of the road.when he turned the key, it won’t my fiancée check few things to diagnose what might be wrong and what we can do to get back on the road again.and finally yeahhh we decided to call a tow truck (: dgn senang hatinya menaiki tow truck ke pekan bidor, left my car there foe one night dan keesokannya ambil semula setelah membayar sebanyak RM 650 foe the repair costs and RM 90 foe towing costs.pd hari tersebut, kami menaiki bas dr pekan bidor ke tanjung malim, then berjalan kaki ke stesen KTM tanjung malim, menaiki komuter dr tanjung malim ke rawang, menaiki komuter lagi dr rawang ke Putra, menaiki transport yg sama juga dr Putra ke batu caves.luckily my father pick us up and take us home.public transportation. KFC meal foe lunch, vending machine sodas remind me a student’s life (: a very hectic day lagi2 bila my fiancée asked me silly question ‘knapa pkai cantek2 neh?’ heh if i know that i need to travel over long destinations, i won’t wore kebaya cmni okeyhh the same week, both cars masuk workshop.ini kerr dugaan org bertunang? on 10th April i was involved in an accident.small injury pd hidung.on June both of us were accident.small fracture pd jari kelingking ): after all of these happened, sy hnya berharap agar kami selamat dinikahkn amin (:

bakal roomate sy :D

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