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my diy handbouquet
alhamdulillah it has been one n half month suda
m'jadi wife to a man whom i love so much (:
now its tyme foe me to grow up and mature.
to look things in a better way.

this tyme, it's bout my handbouquet

i love the combination of shocking pink gerbera n light pink roses.after survey from few vendors, the price dat they quote is around RM of florist d'selayang offered RM 80 foe those flowers arrangement.yupss it's quite cheaper tp she just gave 3 gerbera n 5 roses.wth! so sgt2 last minute decide to diy my handbouquet.i ordered 10 shocking pink gerbera and 10 light pink roses from that florist.which costs me only RM da sad thing is bile pegi to pick up those flowers da florist bley ckp shocking pink gerbera is out of she asked me to select other colours yg ada d'ctu erghh! so afta discussed with my cousin n her fiancee we decide to use light pink gerbera with red ini hasilnya...

tied them with ribbons then put a brooch (:
i'm waiting picture of my diy handbouquet from my op,nnt once receive, will upload.

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