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home made caramel puding (:
made this caramel puding foe my hubby ngee (:
this is how it is made.

5 sudu besar gula
2 sudu besar air

Mix gula with air.Stir on stove until it turns golden & off fire.Pour into loyang.

5 sudu besar gula halus
220 ml susu segar/susu isian sejat
3 biji telur
2 biji telur kuning
4-5 titik esen vanilla
1/2 sudu kecil tepung kastad

Mix susu segar/susu isian sejat and gula & stir on fire until gula is melted.In a separate bowl, beat lightly telur, tepung kastad & esen vanilla (careful not to let the egg frothy otherwise the pudding texture will have holes).Slowly pour susu segar into mixing bowl.Stir well.Then masukkan dalam loyang and bake in a water bath foe bout 25 minutes.Cool completely before turning it out from the loyang.Served chilled or at room temperature.Semudah ABC kn? (:

p/s : later will upload the picture keyhh! (:

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