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whewww wut a hectic day!

here a quick update on my life.
just to let the world knoe dat i'm still alive n well :)
  • my usual routine : house chores, works, bills and grocery shopping.mujur ada ayah yg sgt helpful (:
  • being a year 6 teacher.means i've to wake up early in the morning almost setiap hari :( i'm not a morning person actually ngee.
  • just having an awesome family day at Thistle PD (:
  • weight loss in 72 days : 1.2 kg.i want to lose anotha 2 kg boley? :D
it's been quite a long tyme x bukak my few messages from my friends (: tp kan ade 1 message neh sgt menarik hati.
actually am browsing through facebook
looking for friends, when i got captivated by your looks
you are truly a very beautiful woman, and i guess with a good manners
i will like us to know more about each other....
if possible more than friends :) hope you don't mind my lady
walhal i put my nikah pic as my profile photo.see siapa kata married woman x laku haha.bluwekk!

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