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favour foe kiddos
this tyme i want to share the favours foe my nikah.
since i love art work so i opt to decorate the favours myself.
bride gila kuasa ngee!
so i bought icing cookies.
 wrap them up with polka dot wrapping paper.
tied with fuchsia pink ribbon.
sadly our op tak amek the pictures of the favours foe nikah.
nvm the ones that i made was sumthin similar lyke this.
but i put icing cookies inside.
in case if u're not sure what it looks alike.
i dunno the exact name foe this cookies.
but my roommate really like this cookies! (:
image source : merisik gallery
ada juga yg put marshmallow inside.
but not within my budget ngee!
i also made this using white-off paper cup.
image source : mr. google
i put jelly n sweets inside.
kiddos love them so much! (:
 there are so many ways to personalize ur wedding favour.
come up with unique ways to thank the guest.



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