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.janji tinggal janji.
wut a hectic life i have~! phewww.tidak sy tetap b'syukur with my life.being grateful is important if we want to have a +ve life  (: cuma i need a relaxing holiday.urghh can't wait foe my's going to be on June.yesterday was a bad day :( having high jump training with my pupils.'ok gurls..u shud run essentially at da right standard at the proper angle until approximately the last four to six steps' while showing them the correct foot plant and pivot (kononnn!)sekali amek.......koyak abis erghh! yeaaa salah sy ajar sport pkai wedges :D since last nyte sumone da promise with me to go to selayang mall.yerpp when i'm very stressed out, i would lyke to do 'mall walking'.so afta finished the activity, trus drive back to my house, iron bju ape sume when suddenly dat person called and said dat he will be back at 8 p.m cmtu.lpak umah membe.selayang mall will close at 10 p.m.heh! so nak tak nak i have to wear my old stiletto which i bought last 2 years i guess.yeaaa i admit when i bought shoes, i often sacrifice comfort foe a teacher i need to stand on my feet all day hari ni urghh my foot ball and toes sgt sakit!n sbb stress ya amat last nyte sy tdo at 9.30 p.m :D

p/s : rse rndu pula nk pillow talk my besties gja n yani.b'kongsi katil bujang, bantal, selimut segalanya dan bercerita hingga pagi buta urghh :(

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