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kamu kategori yg mana? (:
why do they call it morning sickness when i feel nauseated all day long? ):
For some pregnant women, the symptoms are worst in the morning and ease up over the course of the day, but they can strike at any time and, for most women, last all day long. The intensity of symptoms can vary from woman to woman, too.
source : here
 mcm me myself experience pregnancy nausea all thru d day ): i can't drive.need to stop sumwhere immediately bila rs nk muntah.yerrppp sy cuba lawan n even eat smaller meals every two org yg neva experience will say 'u shud be positive n strong'. ada 3 categories of peoples, 1st d person who really understand my condition n gave me few tips how to get rid of it.2nd, d person who doesn't understand bcos he neva experience this but trying hard to help me to overcome this sensation of unease or discomfort.(ncluding my hsband (: 3rd org yg x paham lgsg tp cuba buat2 paham.n d sad thing is slalunya yg msuk kategori ketiga ini adalah dr sama jantina spt sy! (: 

p/s : i do enjoy my pregnancy okeyhh!

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