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a quick update
it has been a long tyme since i updated dis blog.well a lot has happened pheww! i've been admitted three tymes foe dehydration ): i was vomiting more than 10 tymes per day n i felt so bad da next morning.alhamdulillah i'm getting better now.since i was having serious vomiting problem, doctor check my TSH levels and it is a lil bit she asked me to hve anotha blood test in 2 tomorrow i'll come to see d doctor n get my result.i'm losing my weight : 9 kg in 10 days! i used to be 155 cm tall but now i'm 153 cm in height and my weight is 41 kg.i'm shrinking i guess haha.but now alhamdulillah my weight is 44.5 kg (: n da sad thing is our trip to Phuket cancelled ): i knoe dat he's so sad! uhuk.anotha sad thing is one of da victim of landslide in Hulu Langat, Shahrul Nurimran Adnan is my ex-student last year ): May Allah bless him and grant him peace amin.insyaAllah tempatnya pasti d syurga.last 19th May, genap 23 years my mum passed fatihah ):


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