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eh eh dia neh..!
jika dulu sewaktu mula-mula buat pregnancy test, 
i text my hsband 'i think i'm pregnant'.
then he replied 'sure eh?'.
i tak reply since i was not sure with the results.
the line is faint.
ye larr i'm doing my test pon in the afternoon.
bila dia pulang, he checked the pregnancy test result windows n see the pale marks.
since tyme tu tgh bz menanda buku n my red pen ada d'sebelah.
dia was-was, dia fikir sy conteng garis pd control line t'sebut aisyhh.
bila skarang ni perut sy suda membulat.
sering dia lekapkan telinga pd perut sy.
sambil pesan 'jgn larr tahan nafas'.
eh ehh wadde grrr... btol :D


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