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5 months 2 weeks preggy mummy (:
the pic of my baby at 20 weeks
i was 5 months and 2 weeks preggie (:
but my baby bump x nampak sgt.
my weight now pon 53kg.
not so much naik like others.
but alhamdulillah the baby's weight is normal.
some of my colleagues complaint that they gain too much weight.
pregnancy also makes them more prone to skin problem.
one of them shows me her passport pic.
that pic was taken just few months bfoe she is preggy.
she made us laugh with her words.
'tgk lar dlu aku putih, jerawat pon susah nk carik, skang neh...' *sigh
'dlu hidung mancung, skang neh batang idung pon tade'
alhamdulillah so far there is no serious prob with my skin.
cuma there is small change on my diet.
i crave snacks most of the tyme.
aisyhh which is not good foe my baby's growth.
n now i'm started to change the snacks with oatmeal biscuits, yoghurt (:
n luckily from them, i knoe that i've to apply n fill a form if i wanna take 3 months leave.
so i go to office n one of the clerk said 
'klu nak bersalin next year, apply next year'
'da bape bulan? 2 bulan?
n when i said 5 months they're shocked.
mayb sbb i wore baju kurung yg did not show off my baby bump (:
baby bump photo? will upload it later. 
n yeayyy on 1st of Ramadhan 11.27 a.m, i felt my baby's 1st movements.
my baby kicking n moving.
last nyte i can't sleep well sbb the baby moves fequently (:
mum loves u (:


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