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warkah utk baby ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
dear baby,
hari ini genap usia kandungan mama 35 week baby will be considered full-term n ur lungs will be mature enough yeayy! so means afta next week, mama can go into labor at any tyme.but pleaseee baby jgn buat mama panik.sila bg mama early signs yea baby.

dear baby,
both of us tak sabar nak tunggu baby kuar tao! mama sure every parents pon will get excited to see what their baby look like.mama want to see if baby will have mama's boolat eyes n big nose hohoho or take afta ur papa n come out with his dark brown eyes n slender nose.tape mama tak kesa as long as baby sihat, sempurna fizikal dan mental :) aminnn...

dear baby,
with only a few weeks to go befoe EDD, mama dah pack a labor bag.mama puts all of our necessities mama terlupa psl papa.mama terlupa that he will also stay with us in d hospital eh papa dah jeling-jeling larr baby.klu die tao kita tgh update blog, mest papa suruh mama tlg dia mark exam paper.jom pura-pura tido baby! zzzzZZzzzz


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