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Life is full of FAKE people
Everyone has a story to tell. Like a girl named Wan Maisara Amirah Binti Wan Abdul Aziz @ Sara Aziz who loves capturing each story through photos. She has a passion in photography. Even though she's still new in the field, she was able to convey so much emotion into a photograph. She fell in love with the sport of cycling. She didn't race, she was just a true blue cycling fan and often took photos of the event just for the love of it. Her step father Datuk Astaman Abdul Aziz is the organiser of Jelajah Malaysia. She also exhibited her photography works at Rantai Art Festival 2007 (an event for independent artist in Malaysia to show their talent in photography, music, film, graffiti etc) and also get her photo to be chosen and published by National Geography.
This is one of those pictures which really 
stays in my mind. 
lost in translation
Stumbling upon her blog, hati saya terusik. Although i never got to know Sara on a personal level, but i do feel a loss. I do feel saddened. Sara passed away on 20th November, 2008 at 9.15 pm, aged 20, having lost a long, painful fight against lung cancer. 
'It's a week away from my birthday, and my birthday present is my diagnosis'
She fought for it and did all she could. 
I have nobody close to me to be my heroes to look up to in my recovery process, because they succumbed to cancer.  I lost my grandparents to it. I understand if they didnt have enough motivation to continue life, to fight cancer. They've had and achieved everything in their lives. But me, i'm 20! ive achieved, NOTHING at all in my life. I know i still have a long way to go, and i wont give up until i win this. I'm not born a quitter, and i have my reasons to continue this life. 'm diagnosed with stage 3b lung cancer, with very little chance of living. BUT WHO CARES WHAT STAGE IM IN and what percentage i have left! You're not God, dont make easy assumptions predecting my lifespan.
'My biggest inspiration comes from Lance Armstrong. The cancer he went through actually made him a stronger person. Made him a 7 times champion of le tour de france. Crazy. That's why i love athletes, esp cyclists, pro cyclists. hey're the strongest people that cycle up to 250+ kms, for hours, endured the pain as if it's just a small bruise, when their shorts are torn and the fresh red flesh is flashing, ignored their cramped muscles to make it to the finishing line. Not only they're physically strong, they're mentally strong. I couldn't find any sports that has the same beauty as cycling.'
And here her last entry
I think i found 'the perfect doctor'. 
Sedih sangat!
Wan Maisara Amirah 1988 - 2008
Al fatihah. Sara, your life and your passions will never be wasted. May Allah grant peace and honour to you. 
Check these out!
her blogspot http://www[dot]saraziz[dot]blogspot[dot]com
sara on xanga
sara on flickr
sara on deviantart
Ok then i found this.
When i add her and she approved, i browse her photos. She uploaded all arwah's photo like HERS! Siap in a relationship with Aiman Sempoi. Wadde grrrr! I send her a message asking who is she and why she used arwah sara's photo as her profile picture. Ok trus kena block HAHAHA! Padan muka tak sempat nak print screen as a proof pftttt T_T

Ok then i figure out yg ni pulak
 Psycho. Aiman Sempoi uploaded Sara's pic then Sara Sempoi will comment. Like 'Alarr baba nape upload pic ni? Muka mama mcm ghost time ni'.All of Sara's info juga sangat-sangat lar meragui. Maybe he adores the real Sara sampai sanggup create acc for her dan hidup dlm dunia khayalannya sendiri. Or maybe he just wanna show to all of his friend that she has a beautiful gf like Sara. Sebab he keeps mention this is my wife Sara when he uploaded Sara's pic. Then his friends comment 'Terbaekkk...!', 'Ohh ni larr gf lu. Bole tahan'. Pelik why larr people always pretending to be someone else! Someone else yang telah menemui Penciptanya. Tade sensitivity langsung! What about if her families and friends came across this fake profile? grrr......

p/s :  agak-agak bole jd detective conan tak? HAHAHA!

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