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Introducing Medina to her first solid food soon hippy yeay yeay!
Medina is already 5 months and 22 days. For the past one week, she has been rolled from back to stomach and from stomach to back. Yeayyy! She loves to smiles, babbles and laughs a lot especially when someone called her name. A happy baby. Alhamdulillah :) Medina during birth was 2.3 kg and after 5 months, she weigh 6.3 kg. Can't wait for her 6th month check up. Just wanna know her current weight :) Medina will turn to 6 months soon. Another yeayyy! It means sy berjaya exclusive breastfeed my baby for her first sixth months :) Another 2 years to go. It's not easy as what you think! It can be hard to start with but once mastered, it is fab and the most wonderful experiences as a mommy :) Now, Medina's mommy sgt busy study! How to prepare healthy meals for my little ones, Medina. This 17th, ulangtahun kelahiran Medina's daddy. And i will introduce Medina to her first solid foods. So, today we bought few things at OBW.
 The tip of spoon will change its colour from red
to yellow if the food is too hot for baby. Okay praktikal!
Munchkin baby fresh food feeder.
I can simply put a piece of fruit or veges and let Medina enjoy
the great flavor, nutrition and goodness of the whole food with less risk of choking.
Okayy, it's better daripada Medina bite her own feet HAHA! I bought yg pink-orange.

Esok nak beli food processor and multi-portions storage. Hip hip yeay yeay!

Beaba Multi-portions storage
Images source [here]

p/s : Dr. Halina's blog really inspire me! :)

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