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My labor and delivery story
Here's my labor and delivery story ^_^

11 November
10.00 a.m : Went for a check up with my husband. Hati saya kuat mengatakan this most probably will be my last check up. Gulpp. Nervous and excited. On the way balik sempat singgah Nasi Beriani Insaf sbb teringin sangat ^_^

12 November
6.00 a.m : First blood show. No constant surges. Only cramping now and then. So I decided to stay at home and not going to work.
8.30 p.m : Went to GMC because worried about my baby's condition since I noticed that my baby is moving less than usual. The nurse monitored my baby's heartbeat using a CTG machine. Alhamdulillah baby's heartbeat was okay. Only mild contractions. She carried out a vaginal examination. 2 cm dilated. She asked me nak admit or balik-rumah-lepak-lepak-bila-sakit-sangat-baru-datang. Eh of course lar I chose the second one kann... ^_^

13 November
Went to school as usual. Enter the class as usual. Semua seperti kebiasaannya. 

14 November
5.00 a.m : First surges. Took a nap in case surges become stronger and might be in labour. Surges comes and go. When I timed, they were not constant. 

6.40 a.m : My husband went to work. Tak sampai hati nak tahan and asked him to take a leave lagi. Eventhough my instincts are telling me that I'll deliver our baby today! 

11.50 a.m : One of my colleagues forced me to go to the hospital for check-up and for any in case. Reluctantly went because I was in no pain or constant surges. But I did. Not blaming anyone because I made the decision by myself. Thank you papa for sending me to the hospital.

12.30 p.m : At the hospital, brought to the labour room. The CTG was put right away to monitor the baby's heartbeat and my contractions were still low. The nurse did VE. 6-7 cm dilated! Ok nurse terkejut and asked me to take my lunch cepat-cepat. Called my husband immediately. Ate my lunch and perform Zuhur prayer. Nurse called. 'Puan Fazlina, Doc Fidak just called. Dia minta Puan change the clothes dan berehat.' Ok saya akur. 

2.00 p.m : My husband came. I was sleepy but I didn't sleep. I move around so I could dilate faster. I squat. I walked. I bend. I tried the theory of nipple stimulation. 

3.30 p.m : The nurse did VE. Again pftt! 8 cm dilated. Whatsapp-ed with my friends and relatives. 

4.45 p.m : Surges were constant by this time. 5 mins apart and very intense. Unable to hold any conversation with my husband anymore. I kept on reading 'Rabbi Yassir Walla Tu'assir'. Masuk labour room. Surges were very strong. Can't move anymore. So in that strong surges I really focus on my deep breathing. The nurse gave me a back massage with her warm palm. Thank you Miss Siti Haizan :) It was soothing. Surges were stronger and closer. Everytime I breathe in, I zikir Ya Rahman. When I breathe out, I zikir Ya Rahim. When it was too strong, I said Allahuakbar. I told my husband that I can't take it anymore. Alhamdulillah Doc Fidak sampai and she did VE. I was 9-10 cm dilated. Doc Fidak broke my water bag. With every surges my whole body especially my head trembled beyond my control. 

5.20 p.m : Doc Fidak suruh push. I pushed very hard 4 - 5 times before I felt there was something in between my vagina. Hard. Oh my baby's head! My husband yg tengok terus rasa mcm nak pitam. HAHAHA! I kept on breathing and pushed one more time. Felt like baby was sliding down. I think baby's head and shoulder was out. 

5.30 p.m : Heard baby's first cry. Allahuakbar. Doc put the baby on my chest. Immediate skin to skin. Breastfeed my baby. Baby latched like a champ! Baby was pink, alert and calm. Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah. My husband azan-ed the baby. *tears

Alhamdulillah very minimal intervention (just a couple of VE's), no painkiller, no pitocin, no epidural and no episiotomy. But still the number of stitches needed. Saya yakin Allah will not put me through something that I can't handle. My body is engineered for this. InsyaAllah. So sekian sahaja my labor and delivery story ^_^

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