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Aqiqah Luncheon
Alhamdulillah the required deed of aqiqah is done. Thank you so much to all of our families and friends who came to Medina's aqiqah luncheon 29th April yang lalu. Yupss majlis was held in April, July baru terhegeh-hegeh nak update. Like i said in my previous entry, April has been a busy month for me. Bukan April sahaja, May also HAHA!

 My baby with her favourite men, Baba, Atuk and Paksu Min.
Mak Tok fed Medina with a sip of air zam zam.

I made this dadih myself.
Dengan bantuan from my cousins, Nadhirah and Sarah of course.
As a doorgift :)

Another doorgift, apam polka dot dot dot.
Baru tahu rupanya sgt senang buat apam ni!
Just send few messages to confirm ur order,
tnggu depan pagar, pay & siap utk diedarkan kpd para tetamu HAHA!
Okayyy not funny tapi thank you tag tu i made myself tahu.
At leasttt.....
Thanksss Akma!

Doorgift for kiddos, marshmallow dip with choc.
Ada apple and orange filling inside.
Order from my friend, Nurul. Yummyliciouss!
From left : Mama's little heartbreaker and
Baba's heartbreaker HAHA bluwerrkkk!

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