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April is over. It has been a busy month for me. Have to complete KISSM individual task, preparing for Medina's aqiqah, attending KISSM bla bla bla. With all the school work and household chores, exhausted sangat. While busy doing my assignment, I accidentally cracked my laptop's screen. Dugaan. Nasib Medina's daddy is computer literate, so all my important work docs can be saved. Attending a course for 3 days with Medina mmg mencabar. Setiap kali waktu rehat, I've rushed to my room to breastfeed Medina. Juga memberi ruang utk Medina's grandpa utk keluar mencari makan. I owe u, Dad. For taking care of me and my child.

Oh my Lord, open for me my chest.
And make my task easy for me.
And remove the impediment from my speech so they may understand me.
Surah Taha 20:25 - 20:27
I've made this doa several times dan Alhamdulillah, Allah permudahkan segala urusan saya. Tajuk for tugasan individu dan tugasan berkumpulan adalah sama. Dan soalan itu juga come out in the examination, essay part. Alhamdulillah.

My happy baby! She was laughing & smiling.
Mungkin Medina fikir that her mama will bring her along to the seminar hall HAHA!

p/s : this post has been kept as a draft for a month! ini serius punya busy neh pftt -.-"

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