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Such a heartbreaking loss
Assalamualaikum to all readers.It has been a long time since I posted and there is a whole lot that I want to share with whoever wants to read :) Medina will be 11 months old next week! She grows up all too fast! She says 'baba ba' and 'mmmama' when she's crying and she says 'mamammm mam' when she wants to eat. Climbing stairs by crawling up and down on her hands and knees. Clap hands when anyone of us sing a song. Love to play with her baba's tennis ball. Love to play peek-a-boo game :) Raising a baby, really exciting! 

Drama queen sangat!

Next update was about my 2nd pregnancy. On 17th August, found out that I was pregnant for 5w 3d. Not expected but soOoOoo happy! Went for a regular check-up every month. Alhamdulillah semuanya ok but last Friday, notice ada blood stain. Cuba tenangkan hati dan berdoa supaya tiada perkara buruk berlaku. Went for a check up at Klinik Dahlia malam itu juga. After went in for my ultrasound,  I noticed something wrong with my baby. I did not see a heartbeat :'( 

.paused. *grabbed a tissue

When doc came in, I already knew the devastating news. Luluh hati. Memang saya noticed a decrease in pregnancy symptoms over the last couple of days tapi saya anggap itu adalah normal since I'm entering my 2nd trimester now.The doc highly recommend supaya saya get a check up with any gynaecologist to be sure. Malam itu saya pulang dan still hoping for a miracle. Air mata saya bergenang. Still can control my emotions in front of the doc. But after came out from the examination room, Allah sahaja yg tahu betapa hancur luluhnya hati saya. 
I thought passing the 13 week line means I am already on the safe side. Who knows what Allah has in plan for us? 

p/s : Ini entry yang saya tak habis karang sbb time tu jiwa rapuh sangat :)

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